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Victoria & Abdul 2017

Victoria & Abdul 2017

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Stephen Frears is in no doubt about his prime asset in Victoria & Abdul. Following a brief prologue in India, the action moves briskly to late 19th-century England, where a fragmented series of scenes at Windsor Castle tease us with partial glimpses of the aged Queen Victoria being hoisted out of bed, dressed and briefed for the day’s royal duties. It’s quite some time before a sweeping reveal ushers in Judi Dench decked out in magnificent widow’s weeds, her countenance terminally sour as she sits down to a luncheon marked by the customary pomp. She proceeds to wolf down her food and catch a few winks before the dessert course.

The star entrance could hardly be more celebratory if it were for an actual reigning sovereign, but of course the redoubtable Dench really is the queen of this type of role, bringing stern authority combined with an earthy disdain for fuss that humanizes the complex woman behind the figurehead.

Many inevitably will roll their eyes at another historical pageant about the British monarchy, and the depiction here of a lowly servant of the empire elevated by his eager devotion to the queen will no doubt strengthen that resistance. But the sizable constituency that turns out for glossy period drama of this kind will embrace the sumptuously appointed Victoria & Abdul as a moving account of an isolated old woman finding joy and lightness in her final years. The fact that it’s graced by another unimpeachable performance from Dench should only sweeten the deal for the Focus Features release.