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Pilgrimage 2017

Pilgrimage 2017

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Brendan Muldowney’s Pilgrimage is a sturdy piece of sophisticated hokum, the sophisticated bit being the use of subtitles as Norman soldiers and Irish monks talk impressive French and Gaeilge while a sacred relic is transported through the scenic wilds of 13th century Ireland.

The producers opted for English as the third language, rather than the vernacular Latin, although there are snatches of Latin here and there.

The film begins in early Christian Cappadocia as one of the first Christians, a man named Matthias, is stoned to death, guaranteeing him martyrdom. A particularly large piece of rock delivers the killer blow and the rock, now a precious relic ends up in a wildly desolate part of Ireland.

Over a thousand years later, Christianity is well established throughout the Western world. In the year 1209, the rock is in the care of monks who are visited by a Cistercian monk from Rome named Giraldus (Stanley Weber.) His instructions are to bring the relic to Rome, so a party of monks set off somewhat reluctantly with the rock, accompanying the messianic nuncio.

The party does not get too far before they meet a band of Norman invaders. Their leader is a pious man who asks permission from the monks to allow him venerate the rock so as to bless the conquest of Ireland. The Norman knights then agree to protect the pilgrimage party as it travels along the route towards Waterford from where the monks plan to depart for the continent.