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mother! 2017

mother! 2017

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I’m going to try to review this film without spoiling it, but I’m not certain I can do so, at least as to some of the plot points. I’ll try to keep things as vague as possible. There is one very spoilery point at the very end that is marked with a spoiler warning and scroll.

First, this is the most horrifying film I have seen in a long time. The film crosses lines I wish it would not, but not one thing is gratuitous. Every bit of the story is integral, down to the last word, and what it has to say is just awful, not gonna lie. It’s as trippy and depressing and gaslighting as you would expect from Aronofsky; also, as beautiful. Jennifer Lawrence is perfect. Javier Bardem is completely believable as the love of anyone’s life. Every member of the rest of the cast is chosen for a reason that becomes obvious later on. I actually recommend that you stay away from spoilers if you want to see this because the effect is profound.

The film works on several levels, from the very basic stuff about an older man/younger woman to specific well-known allusions to collective unconscious archetypes and mythic patterns, right on through modern allegory. It’s hugely ambitious, and every person involved in the film seems to have a different answer to the question, “What’s it about?” I pre-ordered it today (the same day I saw it in the theater) because it is something I want my husband and son to see, and I don’t really get why people think it is confusing. It’s about all of the things you think it’s about, because they all come from the same archetypal foundation.