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Kidnap 2017

Kidnap 2017

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As the era of bankable movie stars enters its twilight phase, it’s become an exhaustingly common practice to publicly shame aging, big-name actresses for failing to be the same person they were 15 years ago. The latest cinema queen in the crosshairs of naysayers is Halle Berry, whose appearance in Luis Prieto’s Kidnap—a sometimes pulpy, sometimes soapy B-movie—has drawn unjust sneers from the highbrow elite.

While a quick payday might be the case for Berry on Kidnap (she also serves as a producer), the Oscar winner earns her way to the bank in this mildly titillating (albeit unsophisticated) thriller, which bears a striking resemblance to her 2013 flick The Call, which made a healthy $51 million on a $13 million budget back in 2013. Because you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, Berry understandably returns to the formula that has, at least once for her in the recent past, worked.

In her first lead role in four years, Berry plays Karla, a working-class mother hard-knocking her way through a divorce, a messy custody battle, and droves of grumbling customers as a no-nonsense waitress. Kidnap warrants its title when a pair of criminals absconds with Karla’s six-year-old son, prompting her to set out on a high-speed chase (in a badass mom van) throughout the Louisiana backwoods to get him back.

Little separates Kidnap from countless machine-churned thrillers of its ilk, and its ingenuous nature almost defies criticism. Its simple structure, harmless sentiments of maternal resilience, and action-oriented dressings aren’t particularly inspired, and everything you see here has been done 20 times better in dozens of movies throughout history. It plays like 90 minutes of visual white noise, punctuated by an exciting pursuit here and a baddie-gets-what-he-deserves wallop (sometimes with a shovel!) there. None of it breaks new ground (especially for women, as Karla is defined purely by motherhood), but all of it fits squarely into what casual audiences will pay to see—largely thanks to Berry’s presence—especially as summer draws to a close.