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Ingrid Goes West 2017

Ingrid Goes West 2017

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If Sun Tzu were alive today, he’d be on Instagram, and his profile would probably read, “Keep your friends close and your followers closer.” Certainly, that advice might apply to social-media celebrity Taylor Sloane, whose phony online persona attracts a sad-sack stalker in Matt Spicer’s darkly comedic “Ingrid Goes West.” A semi-ironic, yet still-empathetic “Single White Female” for the Facebook generation, Spicer’s squirm-inducing directorial debut understands both the pleasures and frustrations of judging one’s worth via virtual connections. If positioned correctly, it’s the sort of timely satire that could click with younger audiences — and further bolster Aubrey Plaza’s value in the title role.

All Ingrid Thorburn wants is friends, and the only way she knows to make them is online, via apps such as Instagram, where the word has been rendered meaningless. Ingrid’s strategy is to identify the most fabulous person she can — judged via the carefully curated moments they choose to share with the world — and hope that cozying up to them in real life will make some of that happiness rub off on her. Its tragic, of course, but also relatable in an environment in which people judge their self-worth in “likes,” while coveting the clothes, meals, and grass-is-greener lifestyles of those who populate their feeds.

Still, most of us know better than to put too much stock in social media. Not Ingrid. In the opening scene, she follows her “friend” Charlotte’s wedding via Instagram, liking all her photos, then storms in with a can of pepper spray to assault the bride for failing to include her on the invite list. (Later, we learn that they were never friends at all. Ingrid simply read too much into a sympathetic comment the woman was kind enough to leave on one of her posts.)

After serving her time in a mental hospital, Ingrid starts to look for a new BFF, stumbling across an article about Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen) in a glossy magazine. Taylor lives in Venice Beach, Calif., and her life is, like, totally glamorous, and the next thing we know, Ingrid is cashing in her inheritance and heading west to make a new friend — which she does first by visiting all Taylor’s favorite Los Angeles hot spots, and when that doesn’t work, by stealing her dog and then pretending to be the person who found it.