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Home Again 2017

Home Again 2017

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It has the stylistic qualities (fast pace, silly banter, optimistic outlook) of a good romantic comedy, but I don’t think it turned out to be good except in its style. I really like the movie The Intern which Nancy Meyers wrote and directed, and I wanted to give this a try because she produced this movie, written and directed by her daughter, Hallie Meyers-Shyer. I knew it would involve some awkward relationships because three young men are boarding in a middle-aged woman’s home, but in the black and white era, they found nonsexual ways to make that kind of situation funny. This movie makes Reese Witherspoon the central character, playing a 40-year-old in Los Angeles, recently separated, with 2 young daughters. She meets 3 young men at a bar who are aspiring to do great things in Hollywood, and the way they end up living at the guest house next to her house is the most uncreative imaginable: She gets drunk and takes ’em home for a one-night stand with one of ’em. Pitifully uncreative. Then the movie turns into a bunch of disconnected scenes of amusing but often pointless conversation, Reese Witherspoon waffling constantly about whether she wants to get married to the young stud who brought the other 2 to her home, and trying to make this a comfortable transition period for her two daughters, while having a side job working for Lake Bell’s character, who turns out to be an awful employer. It feels like strands of a story which loosely connect but don’t meaningfully move toward anything. Then her separated husband comes home and tries to reunite, and he seems genuinely sorry about his previous neglect, but instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt, she tells him she wants a divorce. Somehow the music, which is actually the best part of the movie because it’s upbeat and a little interesting melodically, clues us in that we’re supposed to be happy that she ends up living just with her daughters again but having some connection still to her ex and the 3 young men–and this is supposed to be a satisfying ending. This movie is like if cake’s frosting was just what you expected but the cake turned out to be bitter. The style makes you think this is a great ending, but the substance is so lousy. I also get tired of hearing “OMG” in the movie, as a religious person who doesn’t believe in using God’s name so carelessly. The worst thing for me was that it normalizes casual sex, like relationships are just something you can enter and exit with no long-lasting negative emotional consequences. If you have an affair and come to your senses that the guy’s not right for you, then you’re sad for about a day but then life’s great again. I don’t understand why the entertainment industry presents that picture, when most of the people in the entertainment industry have ongoing personal problems after they lose relationships. The Playboy philosophy of Hugh Hefner was that you’re more likely to have a healthy monogamous relationship in the end if you experiment sexually before getting fully committed. That is what this movie says also. I really dislike this movie.