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Good Time 2017

Good Time 2017

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Law And Order is a favourite TV show for a lot of people in this film. But what can those two exotic concepts mean to them? The Safdie brothers have directed a sometimes funny, sometimes bewildering odyssey of crime-chaos and crime-incompetence, co-written by Josh Safdie and Ronald Bronstein; they borrow some tropes and images from Elmore Leonard.

It’s a New York story with a bizarrely picaresque feel and a pulsingly obtrusive synth score. There are big grainy close-ups and punch-ups, a prison fight, a bail-bond office scene and it all kicks off with a tremendously exciting bank robbery. But Good Time encourages its audience to invest emotionally in characters who disappear from the plot – the film appears simply to mislay them in its headlong forward rush, and loses its own direction in ways that aren’t entirely intentional. Of course, it makes a kind of sense as the film is about loss – and losers. These are people who are slithering down the slope of their own bad luck and bad choices. The film has its own kind of mad, migrainey energy and individuality, and Robert Pattinson gives a strong, charismatic performance.

It’s a story of two brothers. Nik Nikas, played by Ben Safdie himself, is in an outpatient facility for his learning disability; Connie Nikas, played by Pattinson, is the guy looking out for him, in the time-honoured manner: Connie is a tough guy and fledgling career criminal. They are both living with their long-suffering grandmother, who appears to be a first-generation incomer from Greece, although she is tiring of their violence and waste.

Connie has a plan: he and Nik will execute a bank robbery together, and at first it seems as if Nik’s placid condition means that he can stay cool in exactly the right way – at least partly because he may not fully understand what they are doing together in the bank, wearing masks and collecting a bagful of cash.