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Death Note 2017

Death Note 2017

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While few fans of Japanese animation would consider Death Note a standard-bearer of the form, its bizarre, hyper-violent appeal has been undeniable to audiences there and abroad for years now. Beneath the show’s almost comically gothic presentation was an unsettling question: if you were given a book by a shinigami that granted you virtual omnipotence, in the form of the ability to kill anybody whose name was written in it, in just about any manner in which you can imagine a person’s death, would you? Or, as the show often argued, wouldn’t you?

Adam Wingard’s live-action adaptation for Netflix isn’t nearly so concerned with the dubious morality of either of those questions. To be sure, it feigns its interest in both, but Wingard’s film ultimately answers them with a resounding “well, fuck yeah, as long as you can write some Final Destination traps into the mix.” Death Note ends up being just about the worst imaginable interpretation of its premise, the story of a quiet, bullied teenager who decides to play deity, the shinigami who passive-aggressively menaces him while he does it, and the attractive cheerleader who fans the flames of madness all the while. In making the film’s protagonist a wayward hero with a moral compass, the film loses virtually everything that made the concept engaging, for its faults and suspect power apologetics. It becomes the story of a bullied kid becoming the ultimate bully, and the film is far uglier for it.

Light Turner (Nat Wolff) is the consummate movie interpretation of a social outcast. Gently handsome, with impeccable blonde highlights, Light shuffles his way through his days, friendless and prone to assaults from the alpha males of the school. (If this weren’t abundantly clear from the first moments onward, Wingard helpfully introduces him as he’s watching football players and cheerleaders make their afternoon rounds while he sulks on the bleachers nearby.) But then a book falls from the sky, a suspicious text full of rules and names scrawled in a host of different hands. It reads “Death Note,” and soon Light is accosted in a classroom by Ryuk (Willem Dafoe, the voice of a monstrous CG creation), a bored and ancient god of death who breaks down the rules for Light. He can kill anybody he wants just by writing their name, and once the deed is done, it’s done for good.