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Cult of Chucky 2017

Cult of Chucky 2017

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Killer-doll movies have been an enduringly creepy horror staple for decades and currently seem to be enjoying a major commercial revival in the Conjuring / Annabelle franchise. Launched with Child’s Play (1988), the Chucky series has so far given us six helpings of the malevolent grinning toy possessed by the demonic spirit of a wisecracking serial killer. Quality levels have inevitably wobbled but the most recent reboot, Curse of Chucky (2013), was widely hailed as a strong comeback, generating enough critical and commercial buzz to spawn yet another sequel. Cult of Chucky was warmly received at its FrightFest world premiere in London two weeks ago

Screenwriter Don Mancini, who created the character and co-wrote most of the series, returns to direct for the third time here. As with Curse of Chucky, the mix of comic-book carnage and tongue-in-cheek humor is more playful than scary, but Mancini is clearly working from a close knowledge and paternal affection for the franchise. Universal’s genre-friendly 1440 Entertainment subdivision is once again releasing this Canada-shot sequel directly to VOD and home-entertainment formats in North America on Tuesday, though other territories will host theatrical runs later in the year.

Mancini picks up the main plotline from Curse of Chucky, with wheelchair-bound Nica (Fiona Dourif, whose father Brad voices the diabolical doll himself) still under lock and key after being framed for Chucky’s latest murder spree. Diagnosed as insane and delusional, she is moved to a fortress-like secure mental hospital in the snowy hinterlands, where sleazy psychotherapist Foley (Michael Therriault) deems it a smart idea to bring several wide-eyed, flame-haired Chucky dolls into the ward to help heal Nica’s mental health. What could possibly go wrong?