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Tim Robbins

Mission to Mars 2000

Mission to Mars 2000

    10 March 2000 (USA)

1h 54min Released

IMDB: 5.6/10 62,690 votes

In 2020, a crew of astronauts has been prepared for a two-year international mission in Mars. Jim McConnell, Woody Blake and his wife Terri Fisher, Luke Graham and Phil Ohlmyer are best friends and Jim lost his chance to land on Mars when his beloved wife Maggie McConnell died. The team of four astronauts land on Mars but a mysterious storm kills three of them and only Luke survives. A rescue team with Woody in command and Jim, Terri and ...

Mystic River 2003

Mystic River 2003

    15 October 2003 (USA)

2h 18min Released

IMDB: 8.0/10 354,949 votes

Grief is a particularly difficult emotion to dramatize on film without lapsing into maudlin sentimentality. At their worst, Hollywood dramas about death (especially the death of a child) come across as glorified Lifetime Channel movies-of-the-week. They frequently indulge in sentimental button-pushing, in which the characters mope around and wail with tears to declare how sad they are, as if that were enough to elicit emotional resonance. Don't get me wrong, in real life, I'm sure that the loss of a ...