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Mackenzie Foy

The Little Prince

The Little Prince

The Little Prince    05 Aug 2016

PG 108 minReleased

IMDB: 7.8/10 38,336 votes

It's the end of a long, baffling journey to American audiences for The Little Prince, an English-language French-made animated feature that has been waiting since the 2015 Cannes Film Festival for this moment. A substantial hit in most of the markets where it opened across 2015, the film was scheduled for release in the United States on March 18, 2016, but for reasons still unknown, distributor Paramount got cold feet at the verylast minute, and cancelled the release entirely on ...



Interstellar    07 Nov 2014

PG-13 169 minReleased

IMDB: 8.6/10 1,023,236 votes

Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” is the most ambitious science fiction film — maybe ever, certainly since “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Long, filled with lengthy passages of exposition and explanations of science, it takes forever to get to a killer third act. But you will walk out of the theater with a better grasp of “relativity.” You will fear science, a little less. And you will want to hit the bathroom before settling in for its 2:49 running time. In the not-distant future, human ...