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John Leguizamo

The Happening 2008

The Happening 2008

    13 June 2008 (USA)

1h 31minReleased

IMDB: 5.0/10 171,304 votes

Elliot Moore is a high school science teacher who quizzes his class one day about an article in the New York Times. It's about the sudden, mysterious disappearance of bees. Yet again Nature is doing something inexplicable, and whatever science has to say about it will be, in the end, only a theory. Scientists will bring out more theories, but no explanations, when a more urgent dilemma hits the planet. It begins in Central Park. Suddenly and inexplicably, the behavior ...

Ride Along

Ride Along

Ride Along    17 Jan 2014

PG-13 99 minReleased

IMDB: 6.2/10 81,364 votes

The 5-foot-4 Hart, who projects some of the manic, man-child energy of the young Jerry Lewis, is well cast here as Ben Barber, an Atlanta high-school security guard who dreams of becoming a real cop and of proposing to his longtime live-in girlfriend, Angela (Tika Sumpter). But first, he must win the approval of Angela’s stern older brother, James (Ice Cube), who happens to be a hard-bitten detective with the Atlanta PD. James, meanwhile, believes sis can do better than ...

Ice Age: The Meltdown

Ice Age: The Meltdown

Ice Age: The Meltdown    31 Mar 2006

PG 91 minReleased

IMDB: 6.9/10 203,780 votes

It's rare for a sequel to be on par with the original film, but Ice Age: The Meltdown is, thankfully, not a letdown. It's also less dark than the first entry, and doesn't carry the baggage of having to introduce the characters and scenario, which allows for a more free-flowing and buoyant effort. This one's an easy recommendation: if you liked Ice Age, you'll probably like this one, and if you didn't, you probably won't. I liked the original modestly, ...