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Héctor Jiménez

Nacho Libre 2006

Nacho Libre 2006

    16 June 2006 (USA)

1h 32min Released

IMDB: 5.7/10 68,505 votes

Nacho Libre bounds onto the screen with the enthusiasm and good nature of a Labrador puppy. And, like a puppy, its coordination isn’t exactly spot-on. Sometimes everything’s working together, sometimes it’s all over the place, but however it moves, it’s still very hard to dislike it. Jack Black plays Nacho, an orphan who grew up at a backwater Mexican monastery and who, 20 years on, is still there, cooking terrible food and offering terrible spiritual advice to a new generation of ...



Compadres    31 Mar 2016

R 101 minReleased

IMDB: 4.7/10 718 votes

It should be most satisfying moment of his professional career: Garza (Omar Chapparo) is a police officer who has just captured the ruthless crime lord he's been pursuing, Santos (Erick Elias). Unfortunately, before Garza got the cuffs on Santos, Santos murdered his partner. Three months later, Garza has managed keep it together, having met a beautiful bartender, Maria (Aislinn Derbez), but things take a turn for the worse when Santos arranges for her to be kidnapped, forcing Garza to help ...