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Boyd Holbrook

Run All Night

Run All Night

Run All Night    13 Mar 2015

R 114 minReleased

IMDB: 6.6/10 82,030 votes

It’s only a matter of time before somebody parodies these Liam Neeson thrillers such is the similarity between them (and please don’t let it be the Epic Movie guys) but Run All Night is slightly better than recent efforts. Jimmy Conlon (Neeson) is a former hitman for Irish gangster Shawn Maguire (Harris) but, haunted by all the lives he took during his strong-arm days, spends his nights drinking himself into a stupor. Because of this shady past, straight son Mike (Robocop’s ...



Logan    03 Mar 2017

R 135 minReleased

IMDB: 8.7/10 112,000 votes

With "Logan," Hugh Jackman makes his (supposedly) final appearance as Logan, a k a Wolverine, a character he's played to perfection for 17 years and across nine "X-Men" films. The third solo outing for Wolverine, this sad, stirring film focuses on the humanity and emotion of its story, making "Logan" a gory and surprisingly affecting elegy for the franchise's most beloved character. The film picks up in 2029, a not-too-distant future where nearly all of mutant-kind has been wiped out. Logan ...