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Tate Taylor

The Girl on the Train 2016

The Girl on the Train 2016

The Girl on the Train    07 Oct 2016

R 112 minReleased

IMDB: 6.6/10 80,414 votes

In 2015, Paula Hawkins published the novel “The Girl on the Train,” which skyrocketed to the top of the best–seller list and joined the ranks of sleek murder-mystery literature. The hype of the successful novel attracted many followers to the film, hoping for an intense complex thriller — only to be disappointed with a lackluster script. The film’s nutty premise is intriguing, but the plot loses its spark in the second and third parts of the film. Further, the film’s convoluted ...

The Help

The Help

The Help    10 Aug 2011

PG-13 146 minReleased

IMDB: 8.1/10 336,645 votes

The Help is one of those films that rolls out every so often with the idea of reaffirming a generalized point of view that no one can possibly deny having anyway… now, in any sufficiently large public forum. It’s the 1960s, we’re in Jackson, Mississippi, and there is some technical sense in which people of color are no longer slaves. The film lays out the conflicting attitudes of white people, with the general result that – A) by and large, white ...