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Gil Kenan

Monster House 2006

Monster House 2006

    21 July 2006 (USA)

1h 31min Released

IMDB: 6.6/10 77,183 votes

Monster House (2006) is a family-friendly horror movie that is a must-see for each and every Halloween for my family. It never gets boring, old, or dull. Gil Kenan (City of Ember (2008), Poltergeist (2015), Five Nights at Freddy’s) directed the animated film on an estimated $75 million dollar budget. Monster House is about two boys who are nearing their final Halloween Trick R Treat because they are becoming too old to participate. This film becomes their final adventure into the ...



Poltergeist    22 May 2015

PG-13 93 minReleased

IMDB: 5.0/10 45,582 votes

This remake of Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist (1982) sees a jobless couple and their three children move into a new home that fits their budget. Griffin, their ten-year-old son, lives in the attic, where he experiences frequent nightmares and finds frightening clowns in the closet. To make things worse, he also finds his younger sister Madison talking to mysterious objects through the TV in the middle of the night. “They’re here,” she claims ominously. His parents disregard his nervousness and their ...