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Dominic Sena

Swordfish 2001

Swordfish 2001

    8 June 2001 (USA)

1h 39min Released

IMDB: 6.5/10 160,276 votes

John Travolta revives his “Pulp Fiction” hairdo in an attempt to recapture some of his former cool in “Swordfish,” a half-absorbing, half-ridiculous techno-thriller that often goes too far in search of audience-rousing effects. Mounted in breathlessly stylish fashion, with a great-looking cast enacting a series of intriguing but deliberately ambiguous scenes, Warner Bros.’ first big summer release has the feel of a solid, densely packed script ramped up into a “Matrix”/”Mission: Impossible” wannabe, with increasingly over-the-top results. Brimming with action ...

Gone in Sixty Seconds 2000

Gone in Sixty Seconds 2000

     9 June 2000

1h 58min Released

IMDB: 6.5/10 227,340 votes

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer lets us know once again that if you're going to see one of his films, you will not be getting anything less than state-of-the-art cinematic action. Unfortunately, as is often the case with a Bruckheimer production, the script is irrational and disappointing and lets us know right from the tee-off exactly what we're in for. The way to make up for an otherwise weak script, is to bombard your audience with a host of remarkable and fantastic special ...