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Ariel Schulman

Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3    21 Oct 2011

R 83 minReleased

IMDB: 5.8/10 79,277 votes

The third installment in the “scare-your-socks-off” Paranormal Activity series was recently released and many viewers haven’t stopped trembling yet (myself included). This movie proved to be another hit for the PA franchise with another remarkable box office appearance, netting more than $52 million in its opening weekend. The first PA was released in 2007 at the Screamfest Film Festival and was originally only supposed to be a limited release but due to the overwhelming demand from fans it was later released ...

Nerve 2016

Nerve 2016

Nerve    27 Jul 2016

PG-13 96 minReleased

IMDB: 6.6/10 63,393 votes

Beneath the neon haze of its teenage fantasia and the throbbing obviousness of its platitudes about the perils of social media, “Nerve” highlights some ugly truths about the economy of anonymous spectacle. This is a film that knows what people really want to see when they think that nobody is watching them. Blisteringly cool one moment and ridiculously silly the next (much like its high school heroine), this punchy and propulsive late summer surprise is able to capture the way ...