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Erik Betts

Bringing Down The House

Bringing Down The House

Bringing Down the House    07 Mar 2003

PG-13 105 minReleased

IMDB: 5.6/10 30,750 votes

Toothlessly trite and inundated with a relentlessly chirpy elevator-music rating, "Bringing Down the House" is a ghetto-woman-in-the-ritzy-white-suburbs culture-clash comedy sanitized to oblige the identical middle-aged white people which might be the butts of most of its jokes. It is about an uptight, overworked, miserably divorced tax legal professional (a hammy but vanilla Steve Martin) whose life is turned the other way up when a girl he'd flirted with in a legal-forum on-line chatroom turns up on his doorstep for a date ...



Ant-Man    17 Jul 2015

PG-13 117 minReleased

IMDB: 7.3/10 358,276 votes

I remember talking to a friend in what would now be considered the early days of Marvel’s movie empire, and appreciating how clever the studio had been in grounding even the most ridiculous concepts. We were living in the era of gritty superheroes, I argued, and there was no way to buy into the idea of a buff outer space god and his magic hammer unless the movie was couched in some sort of pseudo-science. Thor, Iron Man, and other ...